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Welcome to Little Miss Kinomoto– a growing fansite dedicated to the lovely CLAMP series known as Cardcaptor Sakura. Currently, this website has over 250 pages containing information, images, and fun activities. Please note that mostly everything on this site is organized alphabetically. Also, some pages are currently under construction; however, do not let that discourage you because there are plenty of other things to do! That being said, I am your webmistress, Kelly. Please feel free to browse around, enjoy your stay, and email me some suggestions. And remember, if you like what you see here, come back and visit when you have the time! ^_^

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Updated the picture for Sakura's Episode 36 costume. Again. (I know I changed it just recently, but I finally found the picture I wanted!) Added 1 blooper from Episode 12. Added the Learn Japanese page to the Fanstuff section.



Added 2 look-alikes. Roxanne from Pokemon for Meilin and Haruka Suzumiya from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien for Sakura.



Added the Backgrounds page to the Graphics section.



Made thumbnails for all of the images on the Blu-ray page. Pieced together Version 6 of LMK @ Krunchsoftware.com. Added a new Star Card to the Design a Card page. Fixed Sakura's bun on wallpaper. Updated Volume 1 and added thumbnails for all volumes on the New Edition page. Added thumbnails to the About Me page which also helped fix the display problem for the wallscrolls! =) Fixed thumbnails on the iPod CCS page. Updated thumbnails on the History page. I made them a bit bigger.

I've also been ninja updating! What is ninja updating you ask? It's when I go through LMK's coding and make it better! I've been adding height, width, alt, and title tags to all images on the site. I removed border tags from images that aren't links. I've also been updating obsolete codes. Mainly just replacing center tags with new coding. I added meta data.



LMK Picture Guessing Round 6 is here!! Congratulations to Cesar for winning! Added a disc picture for Sakura's Chattering Talk CD and the back slipcover picture for Drama Album 1. Updated the back cover and disc picture for CCS: The Sealed Card Soundtrack, the back cover of Soundtrack 1 & 2, and the disc picture for Tomoeda Elementary Chorus Christmas Concert. Added 1 new fanart. I drew it when I was in Japan. A quick little doodle on a dry erase board!



Added the Coloring Books and Paper Doll Books sections to the Other Books page. There are 10 coloring books and 6 paper doll books. Updated 2 covers of Newtype Magazine and 1 cover of Animedia Magazine. Updated Meilin's thumbnail on the Blood Types page. Added the Theme Song Singles section to the CDs page. Edited the guessing game dialogue on the Kero's Pudding page. (I tried editing it before, but it didn't work. I managed to do it this time, though!) Added OVA to the Glossary page.



Added information about Syaoran's sisters to the Glossary page. Added 2 links from Madhouse Studio to the Official Links page. Added 1 blooper from Episode 14. Added 2 covers of Nakayoshi Magazine and 1 cover of Newtype Magazine.



Added the sketches found on the Key Places pages to the Sketches page. There are 15 of them. Updated 8 magazine covers. Added 6 new PNGs.



Added the Fortune Telling 2018 page to the site. There are 10 fortunes on it so far! Thanks to everyone who contributed!! I have been getting questions from visitors asking whether or not I am going to upload information about the new Clear Card Arc to the site, so I posted an answer for those people on the FAQs page!



Added 5 PNGs.



Added pictures for all fortunes from 2017. Sorry about the delay!! >__<



Updated 2 images and added 5 images to the Tomoyo's House page, added 3 images to the Syaoran's Apartment page, and added 2 images to the Twin Bells page.


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