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Fortune Telling Using the Clow Cards Not only are the Clow Cards used for summoning magic, they are also used for telling fortunes! In Volume 3 of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga series, Kero shows Sakura how to do some simple fortune telling using only 10 cards. This specific telling is designed to allow you to become aware of the forces that will be opposing you in the near future. It was this telling that was critical for Sakura because it enabled her to identify the special Clow Card known as the Mirror Card. When Sakura's fortune was told, she only had the Watery, Windy, Wood, Jump, Fly, Flower, Shadow, Sword, Illusion, and Thunder Clow Cards. However, feel free to use all 52 of your Clow Cards if you'd like! Here's how to do it:

1.) Shuffle the cards well.
2.) Cut the deck into 4 piles using your left hand.
3.) Return all of the cards to one pile still using your left hand.
4.) Lay the cards out in number order by following the diagram.
5.) Flip the cards over in letter order.

A.) Represents news or transmission.
B.) Refers to a challenge or test.
C-E.) Relate to the opposing force.
F.) Tells of approaching danger.

 My Fortune (6/11/10)

My Fortune Told by the Clow Cards Clow Cards:
A.) Storm Card
B.) Windy Card
C.) Sleep Card
D.) Return Card
E.) Rain Card
F.) Watery Card

This is how I interpreted my fortune. My boyfriend is supposed to be flying over to see me next Thursday. The Storm Card represents news or transmission. Perhaps I will see a storm warning on the news soon. The Windy Card refers to a challenge or test. Maybe the winds will be troublesome on the day of his flight. The Sleep Card relates to the opposing force. This doesn't directly relate, but my boyfriend did mention that he will most likely fall asleep on the plane! The Return Card also relates to the opposing force. Maybe the storm will be so bad that he is forced to return home. The final card relating to the opposing force is the Rain Card. Obviously, there is rain during a storm. Finally, the Watery Card tells of approaching danger. Think about it... storm, wind, rain... that deals with water! I believe that the overall meaning of my fortune is that his flight will be canceled. However, let's hope that it isn't!

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