Funstuff /Birthdays/

I'm not sure whether it was intended by CLAMP or not, but... have you ever noticed that some CCS characters' birthdays are on special days or holidays!? As far as special days go, Sakura's birthday occurs during the short period in which cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, and Touya's birthday is on February 29 which only occurs every 4 years! Regarding holidays, Yukito's birthday falls on Christmas Day, and Mizuki-sensei's birthday occurs on National Foundation Day.

The table below displays American federal holidays, Japanese national holidays, and special days. One bank holiday has been included as well.

Character: Birthday: Holiday/Special Day:
Chiharu Mihara May 28 Memorial Day A
Fujitaka Kinomoto January 3 Bank Holiday (Japan)
Kaho Mizuki February 11 National Foundation Day J
Nakuru Akizuki
October 13 Sports Day J
Naoko Yanagisawa October 11 Sports Day J
Sakura Kinomoto April 1 Cherry Blossom Season S
April Fool's Day S
Shouko Tsujitani July 17 Sea Day J
Sonomi Daidouji October 13 Sports Day J
Tomoyo Daidouji September 3 Labor Day A
Touya Kinomoto February 29 Leap Year S
Yoshiyuki Terada July 18 Sea Day J
Yukito Tsukishiro
December 25 Christmas Day A

The date in which these holidays fall varies from year to year.
A An American federal holiday.
J A Japanese national holiday.
S A special day.

Note: Isn't it also interesting that Sonomi and Nakuru share the same birthday!?