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 July 2007


  • Added MOC Volume 5 Summary
  • Added Boxset 2 Volume 5 Summary

/// Kelly ///


/// Kelly ///


Hello everyone! Randomly throughout this week I have been changing a lot of things on the site, so I can't really say that this is the exact date of the updates. Oh well, some things I remember changing:

I am working on these pages: Key Places, Nakuru's Interruptions, Touya's Jobs. I am planning to add a Relationships page, Clow Card History page, and Clow Card Transformations page. (And planning to re-add Magic Items page.) Well LMK is going through some major changes, huh? I hope you like them! ^_^

Oh yeah, IMPORTANT: While looking for Touya's jobs and Nakuru's Interruptions I decided to write an Episode SUMMARY. I know it's crazy! I wrote a summary for Episode 47, so let me know what you think! Please! Also, I started writing a Photoshop Tutorial that may be available soon!