July 2006


New layout!!! How do you like? I blended manga images with one anime colored image. I also added some gradient to make it look neat. View this version at full 1024x768, otherwise the scrollbar track color will look off, which also reminds me to tell you that my layouts sometimes look a tad different if you are using Mozilla fox fire.

I made a table for older updates. I catagorized them by each month because the main page was looking a little too long. @__@ While looking through the updates I realized that for the past couple of months I havent been updating enough, so I am going to try to work harder! Btw I added more Potm ^_^

xX Kelly Xx <33


Notice something? Clow Card List is now Clow Card Info! I decided that my site needs to have more information in it, so I am working on collecting images and summarizing a bit about the cards. I am also going to start episode summaries too! ^_^

xX Kelly Xx <33


I also noticed that my forms aren't working for some reason...so if you have filled any out and I never replied I am sooo sorry! :'( I will work on fixing it. If you have any questions or would like to submit something email me.

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I am truly sorry about the forms on my site. I feel completely horrible that everyone has been sending me emails and I haven't been receiving them :'(

All forms will be sent to my second email, Fireysakura9390[at]hellokitty.com I ask that all visitor emails be sent to this account- Affys and Siblings are free to email me at either account. Visitors please send emails only to my Hello Kitty email, Thank you.

Btw Be sure to check out Voice Talents. I am starting to give information about them ^_^

xX Kelly Xx <33


  • Finished Voice Talents
  • Added 1 Contact form
  • Added 1 Eriol Battle Chant
  • Added Eriol Magic Items
  • Fixed My Trip
  • Fixed 1 Uniform Thumbnail

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Thanks for the awards Grace and Happy Birthday Theresa!

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