April 2016


I know it’s been 7 months since my last update... SORRY!! >__< I have a good excuse, though! Moving to a new country is difficult!! It takes time to get settled in, and I think I have finally done just that!

Anyway, I added one contribution to the CCSTMW page. Thank you Sakura Kinomoto for your submission! I also posted quite a few contributions to the Fortune Telling page. Nine to be exact! I've only posted the text, though. It is going to take me awhile to edit the images for the submissions, so please be patient with me! >__<

I am really happy that people seem to like the Fortune Telling page so much!! The thought of you all dusting off your Clow Books and reading your fortunes is SUPER AWESOME to me!! I have been thinking about doing it again recently, but I don't have my Clow Book or Star Book on me at the moment. ='( Maybe I'll do it when I visit home in September!

Ta-ta for now! ^_^


(P.S. I added one question to the FAQs page.)


Removed dead links from the Official Links page. Sega got rid of their page about Tomoyo no Video Daisakusen. Madman also got rid of its official Cardcaptors website. =‘( BUT! NHK has redone its official Cardcaptor Sakura website! As I was searching Madman’s website, I found pages about the new release of CCS: The Movie, CCS: The Sealed Card, and a Banpresto stationery set, so I added those links to the page. Got rid of three links from Geneon Universal Entertainment, but also added one link from them about the Blu-ray Box Set. CC-Sakura.net is closed. =( Updated the link for the Release Dates page from Arika’s website, but it seems they have taken the individual pages about the CCS games down. Added a link for Good Smile Company. They seem to be producing new figures. Added a link for Takara Tomy. They have a bunch of information about their new CCS products! Added a link for CCSakura-Official.com.

Updated my occupation on the About Me page. I teach English in Japan!!

Updated the Credits page. Added the name of new contributor to the CCSTMW section. Added three new links to the Official Links section. Added the Newsletter section and Name Twists sections.



Added a sketch to the Sakura’s Kimono Costume page. Added the same sketch to the Sketches page. Updated Editora JBC’s link on the Official Links page. Added Yue’s name to the Ogata Megumi page. Moved Hawaiian Coconuts, Melody, S'il Vous Plait, and Zany to the Closed section of the Fanlistings page.



Added All About CLAMP, CLAMP Pia, and Tsubasa World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai-hen to the Series section of the CLAMP page. Tweaked the images of the creators. (Just a little cropping and centering.) Added the German Artbooks section to the International page.



Congratulations to Sakura Kinomoto and Sakura for winning Picture Guessing Round 5! Your names have been added to the list of winners! Added 20 fortunes to the Fortune Telling page!! Thank you all so much for your contributions!! Moved Metal Lipstick, Rhapsody of the Moon, and Sailor Moon Institute to the Closed section of the Affiliates page. It's sad to see you go! Let me know if your sites ever come back! I'll update your link! I also moved Kyle's Cardcaptors Page to the Hiatus section. Updated the description on the Costumes page. Added the Other Characters section to the Blood Types page.