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 March 2006


I just want to make a huge apology to my visitors and affys and also my siblings. I totally and completely ignored my site for a month. I planned on updating the first of the month but I put that off until March 2. On that day I found out that my great-grandmother had died. And that completely threw me off! I tried to piece together a layout and it turned to crap. Now the current layout is up. I'm sorry I have disappointed you! All of you! I hope you'll accept my apology! Thanks so much! ^_^



Congratz to Lita, Mike, and Chrys for winning Picture Guessing Round 4! I updated the affys list. I made Top affys and regular ones because I felt as though some of my affys just seem like link exchanges. Being an affy means you have to keep in contact with me and be my friend! If your link was removed by accident please email me. I also took off dead links; if your site is back please email me! Thanks a lot! ^_^