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 Media /Midis/

To save these files, just right-click and select "Save Target As." Enjoy the music!

Catch You Catch Me
Description: 1st Opening Theme
Duration: 1:21
File Size: 19kB
File Type: .mid

Fruits Candy
Description: 3rd Ending Theme
Duration: 1:09
File Size: 24KB
File Type: .mid

Description: 2nd Ending Theme
Duration: 1:11
File Size: 16KB
File Type: .mid

Happy Cherry Trees
Description: Episode Music
Duration: 2:32
File Size: 72.7KB
File Type: .mid

Description: 2nd Ending Theme
Duration: 4:10
File Size: 75KB
File Type: .mid

Melody to Tomorrow
Description: Second Movie Song
Duration: 5:50
File Size: 128KB
File Type: .mid

Description: Episode Music
Duration: 1:49
File Size: 14.2KB
File Type: .mid

Purachina (Platinum)
Description: 3rd Opening Theme
Duration: 4:12
File Size: 135KB
File Type: .mid

Tobira wo Akete (Open the Door)
Description: 2nd Ending Theme
Duration: 4:29
File Size: 109KB
File Type: .mid

Yoru no Uta (Song of Night)
Description: Tomoyo's Song
Duration: 4:16
File Size: 9.66KB
File Type: .mid