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 October 2006


I thought my ftp was broken, but it turns out to be my own dang fault! John told me to take my ftp settings off passive mode so I did and saved the settings, but apparently THE PROGRAM FORGOT TO TAKE IT OFF EVERYTIME! I am really really really sorry T_T And for some reason I dont think the forms are working...again... but I do have one piece of good news:

I learned how to use my Adobe Photoshop V.8!!! ^_^ Expect a new, awesome, Halloween layout coming soon! Sorry for all of the mishaps -_-;;



Don't think that I am not updating because I am! I just want to post it all at one time. ^_^ I have: started the layout, made avatars, and made wallpapers.

School is making me extra busy, but I am trying my best to update. LMK is my own little space. Even if the visitors stop coming I will continue to update because this site is part of me. Just letting you know. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will continue!



I was planning on putting this layout up on Halloween, but since it is my sister's birthday I am putting it up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINA! And Hello New Layout!

  • New Layout

  • New Avatars

  • New Wallpapers

  • Eriol's Magic Items

  • Eriol's Chant



HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you all have fun trick-or-treating!