February 2007


Happy Valentine's Day!

<3 Kelly


My site needs so much work. =( I wrote all of the information when I was fourteen >_< So currently I am rewriting profiles. (I finished Sakura and 'Family' profiles.) I changed the Theme song clips from ram to mov files, meaning they are a lot better and take up a lot more space. I also started making new banners awhile ago...last week I think. I am going to have to get rid of some pages until I can get enough information onto them. Some of the interactive stuff has to go, like SOTM, I removed everything except the winners because no one has applied in about 6 months. Basically the whole site needs work. I am finally going to add a Manga subsection under the info section. I am going to post pictures of the books and the summary CLAMP gives on the back of the books. I will keep you updated, I promise. ^^

<3 Kelly