You Know You Like CCS Too Much When...

  • You cut and style your hair like Sakura's
  • You join martial arts in order to be like Meilin
  • You join tumbling classes so that you can learn how to do a round-off back-handspring full
  • You join cheerleading because you want to learn how Sakura spins her sealing wand
  • You run through the woods because you think you sense a Clow Card
  • You buy every CCS merchandise that you can get your hands on
  • You cosplay every costume that Tomoyo ever made
  • You have a Kero plushie that you talk to
  • You ask your brother to have numerous part time jobs so that he can always keep an eye on you
  • You convince your parents to celebrate your birthday on any CCS character's birthday
  • You customize your license plate so that it reads "CCSROX"
  • Your favorite flower is a cherry blossom
  • You video tape your best friend everywhere she goes
  • When your dad discovers the cardboard cut-out that you drew of yourself you reply with, "Dad, the Mirror card did it!"

 Suggestions By: Fiona

  • You start eating a lot just like Yukito
  • You imagine your boyfriend or girlfriend being Li or Sakura
  • You make a stick look like the sealing wand
  • You start taking a Japanese class so you can watch the original episodes without the subtitles (and actually understand)

 Suggestions By: Warrior Princess

  • You memorize all of the incantations
  • You own a Clow Book
  • You think that your Clow Cards will fly away when you open the book
  • You write your name on the bottom of your Clow Cards
  • You are upset that the new boy in your class isn't named Li
  • You are on the lookout for Clow Cards when you go on school field trips

 Suggestions By: Anonymous

  • You name your baby brother/sister after one of the characters
  • You don't let anyone talk while you are watching it on TV
  • You video tape every second in case you missed something by blinking
  • You decorate your house to look exactly like the Kinomoto residence
  • You create your own Lasin Board

 Suggestions By: Anonymous

  • You make your own Clow Cards and name them after yourself
  • You check your bookshelf for the Book of Clow
  • You secretly recite lines from the anime to yourself

 Suggestions By: Sheri_chan

  • You have dreams about being a Cardcaptor or of being in the anime
  • You think of how your best friend would look in an outfit you made

 Suggestions By: GIRL HO LOVES CCS

  • You download every Cardcaptor Sakura song
  • You cut your hair like Tomoyo
  • You take choir lessons like Tomoyo
  • You rollerblade to school
  • You get suspicious of the new transfer student in your class
  • You ask a girl in your brother's class to follow him and annoy him just as Nakuru
  • You ask your cousin to pretend to be Li-kun or Meilin-chan so you can cosplay them together
  • You knit a scarf for the guy that you like just like Sakura did

 Suggestions By: mybelovedSakura

  • You create a "Chores List" for the whole family
  • You are making a "DIY" thing
  • You always greet your classmates Sakura's Style (in the Japanese language)
  • You make a battle costume for your little sister's doll
  • You have a Kinomoto family picture on your bedside table
  • You think that your dreams are "Foretelling Dreams"
  • You always thought of being a Cardcaptor
  • You influence your siblings to watch CCS too
  • You download every episode of CCS on your phone

 Suggestions By: Justin

  • Your ringtone is the theme
  • You plant a cherry blossom tree just because it’s Sakura

 Suggestions By: Sakura Kinomoto

  • You can draw all of the characters
  • You know all the profiles of the characters

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