May 2006


I have removed affys with dead links. I guess if you really are an affy you will email me and tell me what is going on. Also please tell me if you dont want to be my affy anymore, I wont get mad at you if that is what you are thinking! And if your site is going on Hiatus please tell me! Let me know!

I updated Sotm kind one has been applying recently so oh, well. And POTM, I always forget to change it! The last time I updated it was January, so now I have to make pictures for Feb. March, April, and May! @__@ It's my own fault anyways! LOL




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You can now view versions 4-6 of LMK! Just click the History page and click on their thumbnails. Really sorry about the Potms! I added them for Feb-May. And I added 14 new awards I have received! The whole page is remodeled so go check it out! ^_^ Enjoy.



I added the "I adopted..." page and added 3 adoptables from Sakuras Wand! ^_^




For the past couple of days I have been reorganizing my FTP. Please do not be alarmed if you have something in your favorites, mostly pictures, and it says url not found. Just go look for it on the site again. I uploaded everything into folders.

Example- In your favorites you have:

The new url will be something like:

Well that's all for now! ^_^



I made new Link me buttons so go check them out. Jeannie is having a contest for her site's first anninversary so go look at that too! ^_^ I want to put up a new layout since this one is 3 months old. ^_^;;



OMG! Thanks everyone for 10,000 hits! We have a three day weekend so I am going to seize this opportunity to make a new layout for LMK! Have you believe this one has been up for 3 months? @__@ Time goes by so fast...



The new layout is finished! I hope you like it ^_^ I also made a new layout for LMK Top 10! Go check it out ^_-