The Woods (Episode 6)

Naoko's Story: The Woods (Episode 6)

Naoko: "That day, it was already really late. So I considered taking a shortcut, and went through the woods behind the school."

*A bird flies out of the woods and scares Naoko. She sighs and then notices a floating blue light*

Naoko: "A firefly...?"

*She runs into the woods chasing it. When the light stops it spreads even bigger and a ghost with one eye appears!*

Sakura: "HOEH!!!"

Chiharu: "Sakura-chan..."

Sakura: "I-I'm sorry..."

Chiharu: "Naoko, is that story true?"

Naoko: "Yeah."

Chiharu: "Can it be that you saw something else?"

Naoko: "Nope."

 The Cave (Episode 17)

Naoko's Story: The Cave (Episode 17)

Naoko: "Speaking of the rocks... does everyone know this story?"

Sakura: *scared hoeh*

Chiharu (to Rika): "Naoko seems to be very enthusiastic..."

Rika: "Uh huh." *nods*

Sakura: *shoulders up, hands on face, scared*

Naoko: "Anyway... long ago, there were grade school kids about our age who had outdoor classes here."

Sakura: *lays down and puts her hands over her ears*

Naoko: "The first day, they had fun swimming in the ocean and pulling on the fishing net. But the next evening, they had a test of courage..."

Sakura: *hands over ears still and now shivering*

Tomoyo: "Oh, my... their schedule resembles ours."

Naoko: "Apparently they did it at the cave in the rocks over there. Deep inside the cave is a small spring. There's a bridge and the bridge leads to a small shrine at the middle of the spring. In the test of courage, two students make one team, enter the cave, and leave a candle at the little shrine. But as they went on... one group left, but no matter how long they waited, they never came back. So, the teacher and the other students, who got worried..."

Sakura: *puts covers over her head and then covers her ears with her hands again*

Naoko: "...went inside to look for them, and there—"

Mr.Terada: *opens door and enters*

Girls: *scream*

Sakura: "HOEH!!!"

 The Music Room (Episode 23)

Naoko's Story: The Music Room (Episode 23)

Naoko: "Oh, speaking of the choir... Have you heard? Apparently someone saw one."

Sakura: "O-One what...?

Naoko: "A ghost! There was a girl in the choir who stayed really late last night. And when she went back to the music room to grab something she had forgotten, she heard it. She heard someone singing inside the pitch-black music room."

/// Later on in Music Class ///

Sakura: "D-Did you know about this, Tomoyo-chan?"

Tomoyo: "I had kept quiet because I knew you would be scared, Sakura..."

Sakura: "Huh?"

Tomoyo: "Is something the matter?"

Sakura: "I-I have a very strange feeling..."

Syaoran: "You felt it too? There's something in this room."

Sakura: "C-Could it be a Clow Card?"

Meilin: "What? What? Is there a Clow Card here?"

Syaoran: "We're not exactly sure yet."

Sakura: "I-It can't be a ghost, right...?

Syaoran: "We have to check to make sure..."

Meilin: "When?"

Syaoran: "After everyone else is gone..."

Meilin: "At night!"

Sakura: "EH!? AT NIGHT!?"

 Story Suggestion & The Snow Fairy (Episode 64)

Naoko's Story Suggestion (Episode 64)

Naoko: "Come to think of it... When you're on a snow-capped mountain at night...It's time for scary stories!"

*Sakura curls up and cries*

Chiharu: "Did you research scary stories of this area as usual?"

Naoko: "I did, but there weren't any good ones around here. So, does anyone know any scary stories about ski resorts?" *starry-eyed*

*Sakura shivers*

Yamazaki: "Speaking of ski resorts..."

Chiharu: "Not lies, scary stories!"

Sakura: "Guys..."

Naoko: "Hey Hiiragizawa, do you know any?"

Eriol: "Scary stories?"

Naoko: "There are many horror novels in England. Isn't there something?"

Eriol: "Let's see..."

Sakura: *begins to pray* I hope he doesn't know any.

Eriol: "Then a story about a snow-capped mountain."

Naoko: "Yay!"

*Sakura shivers*

Eriol's Story: The Snow Fairy (Episode 64)

Eriol: "On a snow-capped mountain in the winter there are times that sunny skies can be suddenly overcast. Afterwards a cold wind blows down from the mountain. Snow starts to fall and when it becomes more heavy a snow fairy appears, they say the snow fairy creates an avalanche and it freezes every person that she meets."

Yamazaki: "This turn of events sounds very Japanese."

Eriol: "Yes, it's a story that takes place in Japan."

Naoko: "It's not a story of a foreign country?"

Eriol: "I thought that it would be better to tell a story that best fit the mood of the environment.

Sakura: "B-But, but, it's not about this ski resort right?"

Eriol: "It's apparently a story that has been passed down in this area."

*Syaoran looks over to see Sakura shivering*

Syaoran: "We're getting up early tomorrow. We should go to sleep soon."

Chiharu: "You're right, it's already really late."

Yamazaki: "Then let's wrap this up."

Naoko: "Thanks Hiiragizawa."

Eriol: "No problem."

Naoko: "Can you tell me scary stories again later?"

Eriol: "Sure, of course."