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Below are a blank Clow Card and a blank Star Card that you can either print out and draw on or edit on your computer in order to make it into a brand new card. Once you have made a new card, please fill out the form below and click "Submit." ^_^

Clow Card Template
Star Card Template

 The New Clow Cards:

Created By: Me
The Blaze Clow Card The Samurai Clow Card The Rainbow Clow Card The Swim Clow Card The Camp Clow Card

Created By: Yuki
The Fairy Clow Card The Friendship Clow Card The Happy Clow Card The Hungry Clow Card The Mom Clow Card

Created By: Farah
The Fairy Clow Card

 The New Star Cards:

Created By: Me
The Beauty Star Card The Breeze Star Card The Valentine Star Card The Garden Star Card

Created By: Ada
The Prince Star Card The Princess Star Card The Doll Star Card

Created By: Farah
The Hope Clow Card

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