Funstuff /Bloopers/

This page is dedicated to the mistakes that were made during the animation process of Cardcaptor Sakura.

  Episode 43


While Syaoran is training in the living room of his apartment, a fireplace is shown with two vases and a box placed upon its mantle. After this is shown, we are redirected to Meilin who is in the kitchen baking a cake. While she is in the kitchen upset over another cake failure, the phone rings, and she rushes in the living room to pick it up. Somehow the phone is placed where the box used to be, and it is sitting next to a notepad that has also magically appeared.

  Episode 44


I noticed this mistake when I was recording information for the Touya's Jobs page. In this scene, Sakura is wearing her red hair ties, as she usually does, but for some reason, they aren't always red. Notice how when the mascot hands Sakura a balloon, her hair ties are red; however, after Touya reveals himself, Sakura's hair ties are the same color as her hair! It is only a subtle change, and this is why the animators probably didn't catch it.

  Episode 50


Early one morning, Touya and Yukito are playing a soccer match at Seijou High. During the match, the soccer jerseys read "Seijyo." However, after Touya scores a goal and Yukito compliments him, the jersey now reads "Seijo" without the letter "y."

  Episode 58


When Kero becomes jealous that Sakura hasn't asked Yue to help with the chores, he decides to throw a bag of flour at him. Unfortunately for Kero, the bag opens as it is being thrown, and the flour gets all over himself instead. The only areas that do not get covered in flour are his red gemstones, but in the next scene, this does not hold up. As you can see in the second picture, while Kero leans against the bathroom wall, the gemstone on his earpiece has somehow become covered in flour. Additionally, the lines around his mouth are somehow no longer covered in flour.


After Sakura summons her Star Wand, she looks at the Bubbles Card and consults with Kero before she changes it. Then, when she starts to say her transformation chant, her Star Wand has suddenly lost its wings!


Just like in the bathroom scene, Sakura's Star Wand loses its wings once again! This time the mistake occurs after she uses the Shield Card so that Kero and Yue can change back into their temporary forms. Once Yue has successfully transformed into Yukito, Sakura hides her wingless Star Wand behind her back.

  Episode 65


When the cast and crew of Nakuru's movie come inside the house, the first thing that is shown is the fireplace with a raging fire inside of it. Within moments, however, the camera pans from the right side of the room to the left side of the room, and there is no longer a fire in the fireplace.