February 2015


Added more pictures to the My Merchandise section of the About Me page. Added descriptions for Syaoran's Sword and Syaoran's Incantation Cards on the Magical Items page. Added 10 pictures to the Gallery section on the My Cosplay page.



Added 3 bloopers to the Bloopers page. Updated 5 images and added 9 images to the Sakura's Everyday Clothing on the Sketches page. Updated 1 image of Chiharu, added 2 images of Chiharu and Eriol, and added the Nakuru section to the Sketches page.



Updated 3 images of Tomoyo, 1 image of Syaoran, and 1 image of Touya on the Sketches page. Added 8 images of Tomoyo, 5 images of Syaoran, 5 images of Meilin, 1 image of Sonomi, 4 images of Fujitaka, 6 images of Yukito, and 7 images of Touya to the Sketches page. Added the Nadeshiko section to the Sketches page.