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 September 2005


  • Added 5 new contest entries
  • A lot of people have won Picture Guessing

Sorry I have been working on the site, I just forget to log it!

Hey everyone! School has now started for me! So I'll be updating less (as you could probably already tell). Well I have about 3 more affys. A lot of people have won Picture Guessing Round 3. More people are requesting things such as: blinkies,awards,being affys,etc. I updated SOTM big time!!! Go check that out. I'm thinking of making some more graphics and adding more fonts. Well gtg I'm busy!


Ok I know it's been a long time since the last update, but I'm busy now okay? LOL Anyway I had 48 visitor emails and I've got 10 left. Man, you guys are crazy!

SOTM is over! I have lost all of the applicants emails and I'm just letting you know you can take the banners down now. Congratz Pinkie Bunnie for being SOTM August! About the contest, the judging is gonna take awhile because I am busy. I still need to make awards for the contestants and I need to put up the winners page and past contest page etc. Well gtg I'll update later!