June 2005

Sorry I couldn't update for awhile, my computer needed to be redone and my ftp wasn't working. We installed Windows XP Professional now! Now I can make you guys music videos! Anyway this is what I've updated so far:

  • Tobira Woketa Lyrics
  • I've received two new awards from Yuki
  • Anime Destiny is our New affy
  • I've joined Candice's contest
  • Julia received Thank you award and Submitting award
  • Changing the layout soon!

Well I'm working on that layout now gtg!


So how does everyone like the new layout? I'd say it's very...blue! LoL!
Things I've done over the past couple of days:

  • Changed the layout!
  • Gave Maddy a Happy B-day award
  • Became affy's with Card Captor Dreamer
  • Received two new awards: Pleasing Site Award and Affy Award
  • Changed Potm
  • Made Season 1 Quiz
  • Applied to be reviewed by Passion Plays

I think that's about it... Well I'll update some more later!


Hey everyone! How's it going? Updates:

  • Applied for an award at Card Captor Dreamer
  • Re-made Season 1 Quiz
  • Took down the Chat Room(Sorry but who goes in there anyway?)
  • Added 1 new poll
  • Edited poll/quiz colors
  • Received an award. Thanks Joe! ^_^



I got my site reveiwed by Passion Plays(button on the links page), and I was told I needed work on my splash page. So I fixed the splash. I was also told I needed to use thumbnails for my images instead of text links, I took care of that. I would also like to give a big thanks to Joe for helping me out on the splash page! Thanks Joe! Recap:

  • Fixed the "banners","splashes","hiatus signs",and "wallpapers" pages
  • Fixed the splash page (Thanks Hana and Joe!)
  • The vote buttons have been moved to their own page under the "Mistress" section
  • Received three new "Site Awards." Thanks Hana,Yuki,and Candice.
  • Joe is now my brother site!
  • Added the "My Host" page under the "Mistress" section

Thanks everyone for helping me make my site better!


Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I was at my friends house all weekend. Then my mom wouldn't let me on the computer. Anyway:

  • I am judging in Chrys' Summer Contest (see the contests page)
  • Mezzo Inuyasha has a new link
  • Joined the Izzy's Cardcaptors Fanlisting
  • Added Honey Mp3



  • Sadly Paniku Directry has closed
  • Fixed Clips page
  • Edited Audio page
  • Added Crystal Wings Studio to Links section
  • Sweet Madison is now my Sibling site!


Sorry my computer has been working like a crap nugget! Lol!

  • Happy Birthday to Kathy!
  • Added "Award winners" on Awards for you page
  • Sakura Network is our new affy!
  • Added 1 new poll

If I don't update for awhile it's because of my crap nugget computer.



  • I am working on new buttons
  • Received many new link me buttons!
  • Inuyasha Kagome Together<< New affy
  • Received 3 new awards
  • Drew linked to my site! Thanks! ^_^
    Now I gotta find your link... -_-;

That's all for now!

xX Kelly Xx


  • Edited profiles
  • Added Sonomi's profile
  • Made images for all profiles
  • Changed most text links to thumbnails
  • Congratz Chrys and Candice for being Sotm
  • Re-made Voice Talents page
  • Edited various pages

xX Kelly Xx