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Good Eyes
[This is when Touya and Yukito are walking through the hallway with printouts and they see Sakura and Syaoran outside together.]
Touya: Sakura?
Yukito: Ah, really!
Touya: Why is she with that brat!?
Yukito: Touya, you have really good eyes.

[This happens after Touya steals Sakura's ice cream.]
Sakura: Ahhhh!!!!! Onii-chan!!!

Sleepy Sakura
[This occurs when Tomoyo and Syaoran visit Sakura after school because she isn't feeling well.]
Tomoyo: How are you feeling?
Sakura: I'm totally fine! Just a little sleepy.
Kero: That's right. She slept like a pig.
Sakura: *sweatdrop* Kero-chan!!