Penguin Feeder (Episode 3)

*A penguin swims through a hoop and everyone claps*

Sakura: "Amazing. They're so amazing! She's so lucky. I want to swim with the penguins, too."

Tomoyo: "That's right... you're very good at swimming, Sakura."

Trainer: "Here!"

*penguin takes a bow*

Sakura: "So cute!"

*A whirlpool begins to swirl around the Trainer's leg and pulls her under the water. After a moment, the Trainer surfaces and clings onto the ice.*

Trainer: "My leg!"

*The penguin swims over to help the Trainer*

Sakura: "Don't penguin!"

*The penguin gets caught in the whirlpool*

Sakura: "The penguin... the penguin!" *Pounds on the glass* "The penguin!"

Tomoyo: "Sakura!"

Sakura: "I have to save the penguin." *Pounds on the glass again* "The penguin! The penguin! The penguin!

*Penguins cry*

Touya: "What in the world is going on?"

Trainer: "The penguin got caught in the whirlpool, but I can't go save it!"

*Touya jumps in the water and uses his hands to break the swirling water*

Sakura: "Big brother...

 Aquarium Waiter (Episode 3)

Sakura: "Did you change jobs from where the penguins were?"

Touya: "They're going to drain all the water from the tanks and do an inspection."

Sakura: Then... Watery...

Yukito: "Aren't you glad you aren't working in the fridge anymore? Food for the penguins is stored in a refrigerator. He said it was very cold."

Touya: "It's basically the same thing. This time I get to make snowcones."

Yukito: "The strawberry milk snowcones here are really delicious."

Sakura: Snowcones... ice?

Yukito: "So, can I have two of those?"

Touya: "Yeah, yeah. Yuki, you sure you don't want the extra large one?"

Yukito: "There's an extra large? What!?"

 Ham Ham Waiter (Episode 4)

Yukito: "Hey, Sakura-chan, have you had lunch yet?"

Sakura "I haven't yet..."

Yukito: "Would you like lunch with me? Over there?" *points to building*

Sakura *sees Touya in the window* "Onii-chan..."

Yukito: *Touya brings over a plate of food* "Thanks."

Sakura "Three extra-large plates..."

Touya: "He eats at least three times as much as I do."

Sakura "T-Three times..."

Yukito: "Go ahead and have some too, Sakura-chan. It's my treat."

Sakura "Kero-chan is waiting for me at home, so..."

Yukito: "Kero-chan?"

Sakura "Uh, um, nothing. I-It's good to eat a lot! It's very healthy!"

Yukito: "It's hard on my allowance, though." *laughs*

 Quiz Attendant (Episode 34)

*Sakura and Yukito enter the quiz booth*

Sakura: "Big Brother! Today was your..."

Touya: "Work."

*Sakura gets a sweat drop*

*Yukito organizes the ten match sticks so that they read "star" in Kanji*

Touya: "Correct... Here." *hands Yukito a clue to the next question*

Sakura: "Here!" *holds out her stamp booklet*

Yukito: "See you later, Touya!"

Sakura: "Later!"

Touya: "Don't fret too much and trip!"

Sakura: "I'm all right!"

*They leave the booth*

 Amusement Park Waiter (Episode 35)

Yukito: "I'm rather hungry."

Meilin: "I'm hungry, too."

Sakura: "Me, too."

Yukito: "Then shall we all eat over there?"

Sakura: "Let's do that!"

Meilin: "Yeah."

*A glass of water is placed on the table*

Waiter: May I have your order?"

Sakura: "B-big brother... You really do work everywhere, don't you?"

Touya: "I guess..."

 Strawberry Farm Worker (Episode 38)

Ms.Mizuki: "I will pass out the containers now. Please come get them in order of your class assignments."

Students: "Okay!"

Tomoyo: "Let's do our best."

Sakura: "Yeah. I promised Kero that I would bring him home lots of strawberries as a souvenir."

Farm Worker: "During the afternoon, in the materials house separate from the farm we will watch a video prepared there to show you desserts and other foods using strawberries. Also, you will actually be able to try out the recipes using the facilities so please look foward to that."

Students: "Okay!"

Sakura: "Desserts and other foods using strawberries? I wonder what they're like!"

Tomoyo: "We should try making some later."

Sakura: "Yeah."

Ms.Mizuki: "Now, the employees here will guide you to the greenhouses. Please follow them according to your class assignments."

Students: "Okay!"

Sakura: "Let's go!" *bumps into a farm worker*

Yukito: "Are you all right?"

Sakura: "Y-Yukito!?"

Yukito: "Sakura..."

Sakura: "Why are you here? Hello."

Yukito: "Hello."

Touya: "Hey, it's Sakura."

Sakura: "Big brother! What are you doing in a place like this!?"

Touya: "I wrote it on the board back home, didn't I? There's no school today, so I said I was going to go work!"

Yukito: "And I'm tagging along."

 Tokyo Tower Vendor (Episode 40)

Tomoyo: "Sakura, how about a drink with all of us over there?"

Sakura: "Sure."

Meilin: "I want orange juice!"

Sakura: "Kero wants melon soda. Huh?"

Syaoran: "What's wrong?"

Sakura: "Kero..."

Syaoran: "Everyone's waiting for you."

Sakura: "Oh, wait, Li!" *runs after them*

Vendor: "Are you ready to order?"

Sakura: "Big Brother!? Why are you here?"

Touya: "Work."

Sakura: "But, I thought you had a soccer game today!?" *A cup is handed to Sakura* "Yukito!?"

Yukito: "I am working too."

Sakura: "But, but, I thought you were helping the soccer team in today's game Yukito!"

Yukito: "But I have to be at your side, Sakura. Here's your juice."

 Bear Mascot (Episode 44)

*As they are walking through a shrine Sakura accidentally bumps into something*

Sakura: "I-I'm sorry! A... bear?"

*The Bear Mascot hands her a balloon*

Sakura: "You're giving this to me? Thanks!"

*After the Bear Mascot gives her a balloon, he starts to give her a noogie*

Tomoyo: "Sakura!"

Syaoran: "What are you doing?"

*The Bear Mascot removes his head*

Sakura: "Big Brother! Big brother, you really do work everywhere!"

Yukito: "But this is a coincidence... to see you here."

Sakura (to Yukito): "You're right!" *turns to Touya* "Big brother?"

Touya: "There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world..."

Ms.Mizuki: "There is only necessity."

Yukito: "I'll see you later, Touya!"

Sakura: "Good luck with your work!"