Site /Siblings/

This is a page dedicated to my sibling sites. Unfortunately, their sites are gone now, but I will always remember them and think of them as my family. Thanks for all the things you have done for me in the past! I really appreciate it!! I hope one day your sites will return.

Espo Girl's Shrine by Espo Girl This is a site run by one of my very close friends, Espo Girl. She was my first sibling site ever! We were affys during KCB, and then when LMK started, we became sister sites! Thanks for everything Espo Girl! I hope we'll remain siblings forever! ^_^

Sweet Madison's Diary by Jade This is a site run by my other very close friend, Jade, otherwise known as Sweet Madison. She has also been with me since KCB! I love her so much! We always tag each other's tag-board and email each other. (When we aren't busy that is... ^_^;;) It was always her, me, and Julia tagging back and forth on the tag-board. Ahh, those were the days... but who says that we aren't still close now! Thanks Maddy for all you have done! We have been through thick and thin together! You'll always be in my heart!

Once More by Megan This is a site made by my very close friend Megan. We have been siblings for quite awhile now, and I love her so much!!! We talk on AIM frequently and email each other. It's always fun to talk to her. Thanks for being there for me! I hope we'll be sisters forever!

Crazy in Love Animations by Angela This site is run by my great friend Angela. She is one of the most recent sibling sites. She always has great graphics (not saying my other siblings don't!), and she joined in on LMK's 1st Anniversary Contest! Just because she wasn't here during the KCB days doesn't mean she still isn't there for me! Thanks for everything Angela! Sisters forever!

Sakura's Wand by Melodi This site is run by Amy *cough* I mean Melodi! Just recently, she changed her online name, and it is kind of hard to break the habit! ^_^;; She is strong-willed and determined. Her site has advanced so much from when we were first affys! She always keeps in contact with me, and she is a really great person. Thanks for being my sibling Mel! ^_^