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Need to contact me? Please do— feel free! I love receiving feedback from visitors because it allows me to improve and expand my site. If for any reason at all you need to contact me, don't hesitate to do so. I can be reached at the following email address:

Note: replace [at] with the @ symbol and [dot] with a period before sending your message.

When contacting me, always be sure to include information such as your name, primary email address, and an appropriate title for the message. (Ex: "Fanart Submission," "Error Report," "Affiliation Request," "Question," etc.)

 Ask a Question

Have a question? Ask away! Remember that I will always try to respond as quickly as possible. Also, keep in mind that your question may have already been answered on the FAQs page.

 Affiliation Application

Currently, I am only interested in affiliating with Cardcaptor Sakura, Cardcaptors, and Tsubasa sites. (I may be willing to make an exception for you if your website is a graphics website that features a decent amount of CCS stuff...)

1.) Your Name
2.) Primary Email
3.) Title of Your Website
4.) Link to Your Website
5.) Why You Want to Affiliate


Please read the Submission Policy and Privacy Policy pages before submitting your contribution to the site, and keep in mind that you are only permitted to submit your own work. Do not submit work that has been created by others!!

Contribute by mentioning items that aren't already on the list. If you think of any new items, they will be added. Please view the list here before submitting.

Design a Card
You may submit single or multiple cards of each type (Clow and Star). There is no specific type or combination limit to your submission. Be sure to name the card, and feel free to sign your name on the bottom if you'd like.

Make sure that the image is clearly visible and cropped properly. Grayscale and/or colored works are both acceptable. In addition, you may use any medium/media of your choice.

Submit work that has been checked for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Please be sure to include information such as the title, chapter, and any other specifications about the work. There is no specific word count or length requirement. Most importantly, DO NOT plagiarize! Any works accused of plagiarism will be removed from the site IMMEDIATELY.

Fortune Telling
Be sure to include your name, the date the fortune was told on, which cards were used (labeling them with the proper letters), and what your interpretation was. See the diagram for proper lettering.

At this time, avatars, backgrounds, banners, blinkies, hiatus signs, splashes, and wallpapers are able to be contributed to the site. Feel free to submit any size that you'd like!

Music Videos
Make sure to include your name, the title of your video, the song that you used, and the artist. Feel free to include other information as well such as who wrote the lyrics, etc. Also, please provide a link to your video as the file size is most likely large and cannot be hosted on this site.

Picture Guessing
Remember to correctly correspond the picture numbers with your answers before submitting! You may only guess one character for each picture. Also, keep in mind that you need to submit at least four answers (out of six) in order to have a chance at receiving the award.

 Report an Error

Found an error while browsing this site? Email me the following information: what page the error was on and where on that page the error was found.


Have an idea? Feel free to share it with me! For example, if you would like to see something featured on this website, or you feel that anything currently on this site needs to be changed, contact me about it!

 Didn't find what you were looking for?

If you came to LMK looking for a specific piece of information and didn't find it, let me know! I'm curious about what my site is missing and might even add it in the future!!