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 Sakura's Green Fairy Costume (Episode 12)

Featured in: Episode 12
Card Captured: Time
Contains: Yellow Hair Elastics, Scrunchy Collar, Cream Strapless Dress, Green Fairy Wings, Yellow Arm and Wrist Elastics, Light Puffy Underwear, Cream Slip-On Shoes with Pom-Poms.
Check Point: Tomoeda Backpack

Kero's Item: Green Scrunchy
Kero Omakase: "Hey Hey Hey! Was everyone energetic for the whole week? Once again this week, it's time for 'Leave it to Kero' the segment that you'll miss out on if you don't watch and benefit tons if you do. Although I don't know who said that. All right, is everyone ready? Okay, let's go! This episode's battle costume. Haven't you seen this somewhere before? Yeah, it's the one Tomoyo was making last week. This is a pretty daring design. It seems to suggest a fairy in flight, but it sure looks nice and cool! Well, the uniforms got switched to the summer uniforms, I guess it's a good thing. The key point of this, of course, is the huge wings. I wonder where Tomoyo gets the materials and stuff for all of this! Don't lose now, Kero's Check! Today, we're looking at the school bag authorized by Tomoeda Elementary. It's a simple design, and suits the uniform well, don't you think? There is a little hook on the left side, too. How was it? It looks like Sakura has become powerful enough to sense the presence of Clow Cards now. All right! I'm going to power-up this segment bit by bit as well! See ya!"