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 Printouts (Episode 48)

Nakuru's Interruption: Printouts (Episode 48)

*Touya and Yukito are walking down the hallway with a huge stack of printouts*

Touya: "Sakura."

Yukito: "Oh, you're right."

Touya: "Why is she with that brat?"

Yukito: "Touya, you have good eyesight!"

Touya: "...Yuki... I have something I need to tell you."

Yukito: "What?"

Touya: "I...you..."

Nakuru: "TOUYA-KUN!!!" *jumps onto Touya's back* "Our teacher said to bring the printouts quickly because the meeting is about to begin!"

Touya (sighing): "All right. Yukito, pile the printouts on top."

Yukito: "They are heavy."

Touya: "I can carry them myself."

*Yukito puts his printouts on top of Touya's*

Touya: "Akizuki."

Nakuru: "Call me Nakuru!"

Touya: "I can't move."

*Touya leaves*

Nakuru: "See you later!" *turns to Yukito* "You don't know?"

*Yukito looks surprised*

Nakuru: "Then, I'll take him."

 Basketball (Episode 49)

Nakuru's Interruption: Basketball (Episode 49)

Yukito: "Sorry to keep you waiting. The store was really packed, so it took awhile."

Touya: *sweat drop* "Isn't it a little more than usual?"

Yukito: "I don't know why, but I'm just so hungry. I ate 5 times the usual amount for breakfast, too."

Touya: "Yuki... I'll tell you because you don't seem to realize it, but... I... you..."

*Very loud cheering is heard from just outside the window*

Nakuru: *jumps* "JUMP!"

*Nakuru sinks a basket*

School Girls: "Nakuru, you're amazing!" "You're so cool!" "You're facing someone from the basketball team, too! Amazing!" "She's just like Tsukishiro!" *cheers*

Nakuru: "TOUYA-KUN! Did you see that?"

Yukito: "Miss Akizuki sure is amazing. But she's not in any team right now."

Touya: "...she's like you."

Yukito: "Where we're not in any teams?"

Touya: "That's not all..."

 Tree (Episode 52)

Nakuru's Interruption: Tree (Episode 52)

*Yukito is leaning against a tree falling asleep*

Touya: "Yuki."

Yukito (cheerfully): "Touya. The meeting for the soccer team is already over?"

Touya: "Yeah."

Yukito: "Touya?"

*Touya puts his hand against the tree*

Yukito: "What?"

Touya: "Yuki, you think I don't know. No, maybe you don't know yourself, but I don't want you to disappear."

Yukito: "Why would I disappear?"

Touya: "Just listen to me. You..."

Nakuru: "You what?"

*Touya gasps*

Nakuru: "I was just taking a nap here and I heard your voice, Touya!" *giggles* "Oh, that's right. Touya, there was a teacher looking for you just now. He seemed to be in a hurry."

Touya: "Akizuki..."

Nakuru: *waves finger back and forth* "NA-KU-RU"

Touya: "Are you doing this on purpose?"

Nakuru: "What are you talking about?"

Touya: *sighs* "I'll be going on ahead then."

Yukito: "Yeah."

Nakuru: "I'll see you in class then!" I guess he is catching onto me. I expected that much. *turns to Yukito* "But you really don't realize anything, do you?"

Yukito: "Huh?"

Nakuru: "Then don't get in my way."

 Piano (Episode 54)

Nakuru's Interruption: Piano (Episode 54)

*Touya is playing the piano in the music room*

Yukito: *claps* "You are very good, Touya. It's a song I've never heard before...?"

Touya: "It's a song that my mother composed."

Yukito: "It's a beautiful song."

Touya: "Yeah... Yuki..."

Yukito: "What?"

Touya: "I... you..."

Nakuru: "Amazing!" *Nakuru climbs through the window* "Amazing, just amazing! Touya-kun, you can play the piano!?" *hugs Touya*

*Touya gets a sweat drop*

Nakuru: "Oh, Tsukishiro-kun, the captain of the archery team was looking for you. He said he wanted you to help out with another competition!"

Yukito: "Thanks. I'll be going on ahead then, Touya."

Touya: "Y-yeah."

 Classroom (Episode 61)

Nakuru's Interruption: Classroom (Episode 61)

Touya: *nudging Yukito* "Yuki... Hey, Yuki! Yuki!!"

Yukito: *wakes up* "Oh, Touya... good morning..."

Touya: "You were here early?"

Yukito: "I can't be tardy any more than I am now... so I came early and slept in here..." *goes to sleep again*

Touya: *nudging* "Yuki... Yuki! Yuki!!"

Yukito: "What?"

Touya: "At this rate, things will be bad. Yuki. About you, I..."

Nakuru: "Good morning!"

Touya: "What do you want?"

Nakuru: "I wanted to see you, Touya-kun!"

Touya: "You saw me at school yesterday!"

Nakuru: "It's been over 12 hours! I was so lonely!"

Touya: "Hey, that's enough! Let go of me! Ouch!"

Nakuru: "No way!"

/// Later on in episode ///

Nakuru's Interruption: Leaving School (Episode 61)

Touya: "Are you really all right by yourself?"

Yukito: "Yeah, I slept a lot during class... though I know I shouldn't..."

Touya: "Yuki!"

Yukito: "What...?"

Touya: "I know the truth... that you are..."

Nakuru: "Touya-kun! Let's go home together! Okay?"

Touya: "I suspected you would come out."

Nakuru: "Oh, you were thinking about me!?"

Touya: "That's not it!"

Yukito: "Then I'll see you tomorrow."

Touya: "H-Hey, Yuki!" *looks at Nakuru* "You are doing this on purpose."

Nakuru: "What are you talking about?"

 Cream Soda (Episode 63)

Nakuru's Interruption: Cream Soda (Episode 63)

*Yukito yawns*

*Touya looks up*

Yukito: "Oh, I'm sorry. I slept quite a bit last night, but it's no good. I'm already sleepy." *rubs his eyes as his finger becomes transparent*

*Touya reaches over and grabs Yukitos hand*

Yukito (taken aback): "Touya?"

*Touya examines Yukito's hand*

Yukito: "I'm all right. I won't fall asleep in the middle of carrying these things."

Touya: "Yuki... I... I don't ever want you to disappear."

Yukito: "You said that before, too. No matter how dazed I can get, I won't suddenly disappear or anything. So it's all right."

Touya: "It's not all right! I know that you're..."

Nakuru: "Sorry to keep you waiting!"

Yukito: "Thanks, Miss Akizuki. See you later, Touya."

Touya: "S-Sure..."

 Film-making (Episode 65)

Nakuru's Interruption: Film-making (Episode 65)

Yukito: "Touya... Did I fall asleep again?"

Touya: "While filming."

Yukito: "It's useless... I'm still sleepy."

Touya: "Yuki, at this rate, you will disappear. I don't ever want to see that happen."

Yukito: "Why would I disappear?"

Touya: "It's because you don't realize it. I know about it... that you're..."

*The door suddenly opens*

Nakuru: "Tsukishiro are you alright?"

Touya: *sweat drop* "This again..."

Yukito: "I'm fine, Miss Akizuki."

Nakuru: "Really? You're not hurt anywhere?"

Yukito: "Nope."

Nakuru: "I'm so glad! Then, I would like to continue filming right now. Yes?"

Touya (sternly): *Pushes Nakuru out the door* "I have something that I need to talk to Yuki about. Don't get in my way!"

Nakuru: "S-sure."

*Touya closes the door and locks it*

NOTE: This is Nakuru's last interruption of the entire series. ^_^