Yue Name: Yue
Dubbed Name: Yue
Master: Sakura Kinomoto
Birthday: Secret (Different from Yukito's)
Symbol: Moon
Aspect: Dark
Eyes: Violet-Silver
Hair: Silver
Magic: Eastern
Favorite Food: Doesn't eat
Favorite Thing: Sleeping
Least Favorite: Anything obnoxious
Temporary Form: Yukito Tsukishiro

He is the judge for the Final Judgement. He takes Touya's powers so Yukito won't disappear. He helps Syaoran realize that he likes Sakura.

Storyline Role: Judge of the Clow Cards/Sakura's Guardian
Yue doesn't eat like Kero does. He can remember everything that happens when he is in his false form. Yue helps Sakura in the third season and in the final battle (he versus Ruby Moon). Even though he knows Sakura is quite powerful, he won't admit because he still misses Clow a lot. He seems unwelcoming and cold, but he is really sweet inside.