Kero Name: Kero
Dubbed Name: Kero
Birthday: Secret
Favorite Food: Sweets
Least Favorite: Spicy Food
Favorite Pastime: Video Games
Favorite Color: Red, Orange
Favorite Tv Shows: Quiz Shows
Favorite Flower: Sunflowers
Wishlist: A New Video Game
Where I live: Sakura's Room
True Form: Cerberus

He eats a lot. He loves to play video games. He tries to get Suppi to eat sweets.

Storyline Role: Guardian of the Clow Cards and Sakura
Our story begins with Sakura scattering the Clow Cards and Kero waking up after his 30 year nap. Upon waking from this nap, Sakura called him a stuffed toy which made him a little bit feisty. Once he found out that the Clow Cards had been scattered, he made Sakura into the "Cardcaptor." Kero spends a lot of his time eating and playing video games while Sakura is at school, but when it comes time to catch a Clow Card, he tells Sakura everything she needs to know in order to capture it.