Syaoran Li

Syaoran Li Name: Syaoran Li
Dubbed Name: Li Showron
Birthday: July 13
Blood: O
Favorite Subject: Physical Education, Math
Least Favorite: Japanese
Activities: None
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Flower: Peonies
Favorite Food: Dim Sum, Chocolate
Least Favorite: Konnyaku
Favorite Recipe: None
Wishlist: A Magic Book Written by Clow Reed

Syaoran is good at karate and can do a roundoff two. Syaoran is a descendant of Clow Reed and uses the Lasin Board to find Clow Cards. Back in Hong Kong, Syaoran has a beautiful mother, Yelan, and four sisters, Fuutie, Shiefa, Fanren, and Feimei.

Storyline Role: Meilin's Cousin/Clow Reed's Descendent
Syaoran Li transferred to Tomoeda from Hong Kong when he found out the Clow Cards were set free. His misson was to become "Cardcaptor." When he first arrived, he was mean to Sakura. He told her she wasn't good enough to be Cardcaptor and tried to take her cards away. Syaoran developed a crush on Yukito, so he was her rival for the Clow Cards and for love! It took him a while to soften up and become her friend. Later on, he developed a crush on Sakura when the Freeze Card showed up during their ice skating field trip (Episode 33– Sakura's Cold Ice-Skating).