Sonomi Daidouji

Sonomi Daidouji Name: Sonomi Daidouji
Dubbed Name: Samantha Taylor
Birthday: October 13
Occupation: President of a Toy Company
Favorite Food: Mushroom Recipes, Tea
Least Favorite: Coffee
Favorite Thing: Nadeshiko Kinomoto
Favorite Color: Lavender
Favorite Flower: Nadeshiko
Favorite Recipe: She Can Make Anything!
Weakness: Mornings
Hobby: Making Tea
Special Talent: She Can Drive a Motorcycle and a Car

She tells Tomoyo to leave her hair long because it reminds her of Nadeshiko. She finished high school and college and is now the president of a huge toy company. She loves Sakura! She delivered Sakura's White Day present to Masaki.

Storyline Role: Tomoyo's Mother/Nadeshiko's Cousin
When Sonomi found out Nadeshiko was in love with Fujitaka, she was furious. She was jealous because Fujitaka had "stolen" Nadeshiko away from her. Then when Nadeshiko died, Sonomi blamed it on Fujitaka. After Sonomi raced Fukitaka on Field Day, she realized he could have done nothing to save her and that it wasn't his fault she died. She also realized that Nadeshiko was happy with him, so she was no longer mad at him.