Nadeshiko Kinomoto

Nadeshiko Kinomoto Name: Nadeshiko Kinomoto
Dubbed Name: Natasha Avalon
Birthday: May 20
Occupation: Model
Favorite Food: Sweets, Tea
Least Favorite: None
Favorite Thing: The Warm Rays of the Sun
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Flower: Wisteria, Peach Blossoms, Cherry Blossoms
Favorite Recipe: Can't Cook
Things I'm not good at: Remembering People's Faces and Names
Hobby: Sleeping
Special Skill: Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

Nadeshiko was a model. (This is why you see many different photographs of her every morning.) Her most notable appearance was in Episode 8- Sakura and Memories of Her Mother. She can eat an entire strawberry shortcake by herself!

Storyline Role: Touya and Sakura's Mother
Nadeshiko literally fell in love with her sensei, Fujitaka. She was climbing a tree and encountered a battle with gravity. Guess who won? Gravity. That's right! She fell out of the tree and landed directly upon Fujitaka. Later, she married him when she was only sixteen years of age. Unfortunately, Nadeshiko died when Sakura was three; however, she still comes to visit her family in spirit.