Masaki Amamiya

Masaki Amamiya Name: Masaki Amamiya
Birthday: November 18
Occupation: President of Amamiya Corp.
Favorite Food: Japanese
Least Favorite: Nothing
Favorite Things: Rainbows
Least Favorite Thing: Long Car Rides
Favorite Color: Brown
Favorite Flower: Nadeshiko, Sakura
Favorite Cooking Style: Japanese
Hobby: Collecting Chess Sets
Special Talent: Nothing in Particular

Masaki knows Sakura, but she doesn't know him. Sakura makes him a rainbow with the Rain card. Sonomi gives him the White Day present Sakura made for him. (Chocolate, a letter, and Nadeshiko flowers.)

Storyline Role: Sakura's Great Grandfather
When Sakura visits the summer vacation house Masaki invites her over for tea and cookies. He lets her try on many dresses that were once Nadeshiko's, but Sakura doesn't know that.