Takashi Yamazaki

Takashi Yamazaki Name: Takashi Yamazaki
Dubbed Name: Zachary
Birthday: June 1
Blood: AB
Favorite Subject: Math
Least Favorite: None
Activity: Computer Club
Favorite Color: Dark Red
Favorite Flower: Manju Shage
Favorite Food: Fish, Suama
Least Favorite: Pudding
Favorite Recipe: Rice Balls
Wishlist: Joke Book

Yamazaki lies all the time! He never opens his eyes (except in the OVA... and apparently Episode 13...). He is class president. He has been with Chiharu since kindergarten and receives a cute bear from her.

Storyline Role: School Friend/Class President
Yamazaki loves to make up false stories and lies. The sad part is that Sakura and Syaoran believe them! Sometimes Eriol plays along to make Yamazaki sound more convincing. Soon enough Chiharu will step in the scene, tell him to knock it off, and drag him out by the ear.