Spinel Sun

Spinel Sun Name: Spinel Sun
Dubbed Name: Spinner Sun
Master: Eriol Hiiragizawa
Birthday: Secret
Symbol: Sun
Aspect: Dark
Eyes: Green
Body: Black
Magic: Eastern
Favorite Food: Spicy Stuff
Favorite Thing: Peace and Quiet
Least Favorite: Anything Noisy
Temporary Form: Suppi

He resembles Cerberus. He eats all of the sweets at the Tomoeda Candy Sale and Kero gets blamed for it.

Storyline Role: Eriol's Guardian
Spinel Sun was created alongside Ruby Moon in order to protect Eriol. Spinel Sun fights Cerberus at the final battle when Sakura needs to transform the Light and Dark Cards in order to save Tomoeda. Even though he seems like a villain, Spinel Sun means no harm to Sakura and only wishes to help her transform her cards.