Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Dubbed Name: Sakura Avalon
Birthday: April 1
Blood Type: A
Favorite Subject: Physical Education, Music
Least Favorite: Math
Activities: Cheerleading
Favorite Color: Pink, White
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms
Favorite Food: Rice Omelet, Noodles
Least Favorite: Konnyaku
Favorite Recipe: Pancakes
Wish List: A New School Bag

Sakura was just an average ten year old girl. She loves hanging out with her friends, doing cheerleading, and practicing her cooking. She is an excellent tumbler. (From what we have seen she can do a standing back tuck and a round-off backhandspring full.) Her best friend is Tomoyo Daidouji. She attends Tomoeda Elementry school. She lives with her dad, Fujitaka, and her brother, Touya. Her mother died when she was three years old, so she doesn't remember much about her, but she is always willing to learn more. She has a crush on her brother's best friend, Yukito Tsukishiro.

Storyline Role: Main Character
One day after cheerleading practice, Sakura ventured over to the fridge for a snack. She started to hear strange noises coming from the basement. She thought it was a burglar, so she took her baton and bravely went down the basement stairs. As she made her way through the bookcases, she noticed a book she had seen in her dreams. She reached for it and opened it. She discovered the book was full of tarot cards. She took the top card and read its name– "Windy." Wooosh! A gust of wind swirled all of the cards into the air as Sakura tightly held onto the book and Windy Card. The wind stopped when they had all seemed to have disappeared. Finally, Kero woke up. (After 30 years of sleeping and not protecting the book!) When he began to talk, she gave him a confused look. "A stuffed toy?" He got mad, but soon he explained himself to her. At first, Sakura was frightened and scared when she found out that she was made "Cardcaptor." She actually tried to tell Kero that she would not do it because it was his fault in the first place! After all, he was supposed to be protecting the book, right? But if Sakura had denied her duty as Cardcaptor we wouldn't have this wonderful series, now would we?