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This is Sakura's House. It is home to Sakura, Touya, and Fujitaka. Sakura's house is one of the most visited places throughout the entire series. As a matter of fact, the series was born in Sakura's house as Sakura found the Clow Book in her basement. In addition to scattering the Clow Cards from this location, Sakura also captures some cards here. In Episode 4, Sakura's Tiring Sunday, she finds the Wood Card under the carpet in the living room. Later on in the episode, she discovers the Rain Card while cleaning the basement. However, more often than not, Sakura's house is seen when no Clow Cards are present. For example, it is very common to watch Sakura get ready, eat breakfast, and then leave the house to go to school. It is also common to see her family eating dinner together or talking in the kitchen. The porch can also be seen quite a bit when Sakura leaves for school in the morning or when people stop by to pay her a visit.


 Sketches of Sakura's House

Sakura's House Sakura's House Upstairs Hallway Sakura's House Basement Sakura's House Basement Sakura's House Basement Sakura's House Basement