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Penguin Park is one of the most seen Key Places in Cardcaptor Sakura. Sakura captures cards here, transforms Clow Cards here, plays here, and talks to her friends here. It is also the designating meeting spot for Sakura and her friends which can be seen as early as Episode 3. The main feature of Penguin Park is the giant slide in the shape of a penguin called King Penguin. King Penguin is surrounded by a handful of smaller "chibi" style penguins that children use to sit on. The entrance to Penguin Park has two penguins that are more realistic in style and are blue and pink. On the right side of the park, there is a swing set, and on the left side of the park there is a jungle gym. Penguin Park is located along a long straight brick path with many street lights and has a bridge that is suspended over a pond with lily pads.


 Sketches of Penguin Park

Penguin Park Penguin Park Bridge