Kaho Mizuki

Kaho Mizuki Name: Kaho Mizuki
Dubbed Name: Layla Mackenzie
Birthday: February 11
Occupation: Elementary School Teacher
Favorite Food: Wine
Least Favorite: Marshmallows
Favorite Thing: Walks
Favorite Color: Spring Green
Favorite Flower: Evening Primrose
Favorite Recipe: She Can't Make Anything
Weakness: Remembering Her Way
Hobby: Collecting Antiques
Special Talent: She Can't Remember Her Way

Ms. Mizuki is Sakura's math teacher and homeroom teacher. She is first seen as a silhoutte in Sakura's dream. She versus Yukito in an archery match. She teaches Sakura and her friends how to ice skate.

Storyline Role: Sakura's Teacher/Touya's Former Love/Eriol's Helper
Ms. Mizuki works at the Tsukimine Shrine because she is the daughter of the shrine's chief priest. One time, Sakura was sucked into the shrine's tree by the Return Card. From this, Sakura learns that when Touya was in 8th grade, Ms. Mizuki was his student teacher. They ended up spending a lot of time with each other and falling in love. One year later, during the summer festival underneath the shrine's tree, Kaho told Touya that she had to study abroad and that she would return later. However, she also mentioned that he would be in love with someone else. Ms. Mizuki also helps Sakura and her friends escape from the Maze Card. She also returned the watch that Sakura lost while catching the Snow card. Ms. Mizuki's main reason for returning to Tomoeda was to give Sakura a second chance during the Final Judgement.