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 Hayashibara Megumi

Hayashibara Megumi
Name: Hayashibara Megumi
Blood Type: --
Born: Tokyo
Height: --cm
Weight: --kg
Voice of: Madoushi (Sorceress)

 Other Seiyuu

Series Character
Case Closed Shiho Miyano (Ai Haibara), Akako Koizumi
Cowboy Bebop Faye Valentine
Love Hina Haruka Urashima
Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami, Yui Ikari, Penpen, Unit 01
One Piece Rebecca, the Gladiator Girl (Dressrosa Arc)
Pokemon Jessie, Bulbasaur, Pigeotto, Goldeen
Pokemon Chronicles Jessie
Pokemon XY Jessie
Ranma 1/2 Ranma Saotome
Shaman King Anna Kyoyama, Opacho
Sword Art Online II Kyouko Yuuki
Yu Yu Hakusho Fukumen, Genkai (young)