Sakura's Pink Kitty Costume (Episode 8)

Featured in: Episode 8
Card Captured: Thunder
Contains: Cat Ears, Pink Rubber Apron featuring Ribbon, Three Golden Bells, Black Body Suit, Cat Tail, Pink and Black Rubber Boots.
Check Point: Ribbon & Ears
Kero's Item: Jingle Bell
Kero Omakase: "Hey Hey Ho! Were you all being good boys and girls? It's time for this week's 'Leave it to Kero!' Time for you and me to be full of energy and full of food! All right, let's begin today's segment now! Well, the battle costume has reached its seventh outfit now! Do you guys remember them all? The battle costume for this time is rather cute with the tail, the bell, etc. Along with the apron, huh? But, this costume is actually all made with fully insulated rubber. I wonder if Tomoyo is choosing the materials to work with based on the element that Sakura is fighting against? Go, go, Kero's Check! The big ribbon on her hip. This doesn't let any electricity pass either. These ears are pretty good, but don't you think my ears are much cooler? Well, that's all for today. Sakura's battle costumes see no end in design. I wonder how far they will go. I'm looking foward to the future, but I'm also scared of it. See ya!"