Sakura's Bat Burglar Costume (Episode 7)

Featured in: Episode 7
Card Captured: Silent
Contains: Green Hat, Long-Sleeved Shirt with Diamonds and Black Wings, Black Fingerless Gloves, Solid Green Shorts, Thigh-High Leggings featuring Purple Diamonds.
Check Point: Tomoyo's Wristwatch

Kero's Item: Diamond Tie
Kero Omakase: "Hey Hey Hey! Are you watching every week? Please!! It's time for 'Leave it to Kero,' the program full of information about Sakura coming at you from Tomoeda! All right, we'll get right to it now. This time, we'll introduce another battle costume. This is different from the usual battle costume in that it has a very simple structure. The pants give a very mischievous look. Very good. According to Tomoyo, thieves aren't supposed to stand out. Well, she might not be standing out, but she sure looks plenty suspicious. And of course, Kero's Check! This is Tomoyo's wristwatch. It's pink and rather cute, don't you think? It is full of useful functions such as an alarm and a stopwatch! Anyway, that's it for this episode. I think Sakura's costumes are starting to look really good now. You should keep your eyes peeled for the costumes that will appear in the future! See ya!"