Sakura's Yellow Battle Dress (Episode 6)

Featured in: Episode 6
Card Captured: Illusion
Contains: Intercom Headpiece, Yellow Pointed Dress, Frilly White Slip, Silver Shoulder Pads, Frilly White Gloves, White Thigh-Highs, Yellow High-Top Sneakers.
Check Point: Intercom

Kero's Item: Intercom
Kero Omakase: "Hey Hey Ho! Are you guys helping out with your chores? You aren't? That's not good. It's time for 'Leave it to Kero,' a segment that you'll miss out on if you don't watch every week! I wonder what's up today. Oh, a battle costume. It's only been a week but the memories... this is a design different from those in the past. It has a futuristic look, and is rather refreshing. It looks like Tomoyo has stepped into a new realm with this. And this shoulder area with its unique shape is also good. We're not done yet! Kero's Check! This intercom really works. Light and sturdy, with great reception, it's wonderful during emergencies. Hats off to high technology! How was it? Tomoyo is doing her best designing these every time. I can't just sit here anymore, I have to make this segment even more exciting! See ya!"