Sakura's Pink Feather Costume (Episode 4)

Featured in: Episode 4
Card Captured: Wood & Rain
Contains: Pink Feathered Headband with Yellow Accents, Pink and White Dress featuring Yellow Chest Clip, White Gloves with Pink Guards, White Thigh-Highs, Pink and White High-Top Sneakers.
Check Point: Headband

Kero's Item: None
Kero Omakase: "Hey! Are you guys brushing your teeth? This segment is getting popular. It's time for 'Leave it to Kero' featuring the dandy Keroberos. Let's get right to it! Today, we have another battle costume. Listen to my commentary closely. This costume is created with an imagery of feathers. A nice pop-ish color makes it kind of cute, no? The base material is a rubbery fabric. The shoes are high-top for stability. The gloves have guards to protect the hands. Go, go, Kero-chan check! The point today is the cute feather on her head. It's actually a headband. Oh, it's almost time to go. Are you used to this segment yet? There will be many more things to come from this segment. Don't get caught off guard and look foward to it! See ya!"