Sakura's Blue Warrior Costume (Episode 31)

Featured in: Episode 31
Card Captured: Big & Create
Contains: Yellow Feathered Headband, Winged Shoulder Pads with Red Accent, Blue and White Body Suit with Yellow Trim, Light Blue Tails containing Red Accents, Blue Thigh-High Boots with Light Blue Accents and Yellow Trim.
Check Point: Chest & Boots

Kero's Item: Winged Belt
Kero Omakase: "Hey Hey Hey! This episode was really amazing, wasn't it? Fighting a monster is not an everyday experience! This was the battle costume from that fight. The long boots and the ornament on the chest area make her look strong, don't they? Seeing how they didn't rip even after she became a giant. It looks like it was made of rather elastic material. Or was it just a magic effect? How was it? It looks like Sakura's world is quickly turning into an anything goes world. I'm looking forward to its future! See ya!"