Sakura's Green Jester Costume (Episode 30)

Featured in: Episode 30
Card Captured: Dash
Contains: Green Floppy Hat, Green Long-Sleeved Shirt, Dark Green Gloves, Red Overcoat with Yellow Accents and Dark Green Buttons, Green Shorts, Green Thigh-Highs, Red Boots with Yellow Accents and Dark Green Buttons.
Check Point: Hat

Kero's Item: Jacket
Kero Omakase: "Hey Hey Ho! Today, I have the first battle costume in awhile! I'm sure you all were eagerly waiting for it! The shoes on this costume are rather pretty as well. The knee-high socks and the shorts are really cute! The top is attached to the pointy skirt. If I were to point anything out it would have to be this hat. It's lighter than it looks. How was that? You'll all come across a time when you have to do something you don't want to do. At times like that don't run away and just do your best! See ya!"