Sakura's Blue Jester Costume (Episode 3)

Featured in: Episode 3
Card Captured: Watery
Contains: Blue Hat with White Band, White Dress featuring Yellow Pom-Poms, Long Blue Gloves, Blue Underwear, Blue Slippers with Yellow Pom-Poms.
Check Point: Hat & Shoes
Kero's Item: Jester Collar
Kero Omakase: "Hello! Are you guys doing your homework? Oh, I see, that's great! It's time for 'Leave it to Kero' again, and this week, we're on a roll! Today we have this. This time, we're covering the battle costume like last time. This footage was filmed by Tomoyo on her own camcorder. It's pretty good camera work. Nothing less from Sakura's official camerawoman. But how did she film all this? That's a mystery... And, Kero-chan check! First off, we have the hat with the polka-dots at the tip, and the pointy-toe shoes. The cloth used is a material that is very water-resistant. I think I'll wrap it up around here. If I introduce a lot at once, it won't be any fun later on. I'm such a nice guy! See ya!"