Sakura's Powerful Pink Costume (Episode 20)

Featured in: Episode 20
Card Captured: Fight
Contains: Pink Hat with Ribbon, Beige Bow, Pink Puffy Dress with Ribbon, Beige Gloves, Beige Leggings, Pink Slip-On Shoes with Bows.
Check Point: None

Kero's Item: Ribbon & Shoulder Pads
Kero Omakase: "Hey Hey Ho! Today, we have a battle costume. The first one in awhile. I wonder what it's like? Oh, this one is another really cute one! I'm surprised she was able to fight against the Fight card in this! Well, maybe Tomoyo had that lack of coordination in mind. She's pretty skilled. Anyway, everyone should walk the streets at night with a lot of caution. Well, it's best if you don't walk around at night! See ya!"