Sakura's Red Cape Costume (Episode 2)

Featured in: Episode 2
Card Captured: Shadow
Contains: Red Hat with Blue Buckles, Red Cape featuring Ribbon, Blue and White Overcoat with Gold Trim, Blue Thigh-Highs, White Gloves, Red and White Shoes.
Check Point: Hat & Ribbon
Kero's Item: Red Ribbon
Kero Omakase: "Hello! Have you guys been doing well? Once again it's time for 'Leave it to Kero' a popular segment of my favorites which started last week. Alright, let's get some effort into it and go for it. Today was the first showing for battle costumes. This was made by Sakura's friend, Tomoyo. This is Tomoyo Daidouji. She's also good at baking things like cakes. And, it seems her hobby is to make Sakura wear costumes that she designed and film her on her camcorder. In any case, Tomoyo has a pretty good fashion sense. And now, the popular Kero-chan Check! First off the hat. The buckle on the end of the ribbon is pretty nice, don't you think? And the other point is the large ribbon right on the chest area. Oh, it's already time to go. Now, did you engrave Sakura's costume into your memory? But there's plenty more in Sakura's world. See ya!"