Sakura's Witch Costume (Episode 15)

Featured in: Episode 15
Card Captured: Storm
Contains: Pointy Blue and Red Hat, Red and Blue Cape with Gold Lining, Black Undershirt, Golden Clip, Black Gloves, Blue Shorts with Black Lining, Blue Thigh-Highs, Black Sneakers.
Check Point: Sakura's Backpack

Kero's Item: None
Kero Omakase: "Hey Hey Ho! Heat heat go away! It's time for 'Leave it to Kero,' the refreshing segment full of information that blows away the summer heat! Everyone, feel less lethargic and watch closely! Here we go! It's the first battle costume in awhile. Yeah, it's really been awhile. A huge cloak and a pointy hat. The shorts are really cute and very good. Anyway, this outfit really screams 'magical girl.' Tomoyo sure knows how to please the audience! The clip is shaped like a wing. Tomoyo is really something else, to put effort even into places like this. On a roll, Kero's Check! Sakura's favorite backpack. It's shaped like an egg, so Sakura calls it the Egg Backpack. It's rather cute with the wings, don't you think? Oh, it's time already. I was arguing with Sakura, but you guys all have to be nice to each other. If you do argue, it's best to honestly apologize like I did. See ya!"