Chapter 1: A Destiny Awaits

Cardcaptor Sakura
Star Catcher Chapter One

"A Destiny Awaits"

Sakura was standing on top of a building gazing up Tokyo Tower with friends Li, Meilin, Tomoyo, and Kero.

"Sakura you take me all the way out here for nothing at all?!" said a very frustrated Meilin.

"Well I thought I sensed something." said Sakura.

"Whatever it's not here anymore... whatever it is." said Li.

Sakura pulled out a Clow Card and yelled "Fly!" Giant wings appeared on the wand. Sakura mounted herself on the wand like a witch on a broom and flew off. Once at home Sakura came into her bedroom to see it trashed. Clothes on the floor, books toppled off of shelves, and even Sakura's homework was spread out on the floor.

She yelled, "Hoeeeee!" But then she noticed it. Her Clow book was on the floor. Someone was after the Clow Cards... but who?

 Chapter 2: What!!!

Cardcaptor Sakura
Star Catcher Chapter 2


Kero was pretty shocked to hear someone was trying get the Clow Cards.

"So was there anything else suspicious left in your room Sakura?" asked Kero-chan.

Sakura shook her head while picking up the last of her books. Kero all of a sudden looked up like he had been hit by a bolt of lightning.

"Could it have been your brother?" he asked.

Now Sakura wasn't going to suspect her brother even if he was pretty mean.

"No. it wasn't him." said Sakura.

Then they heard a loud 'BOOM!' outside! Kero scrambled to his feat. Sakura dropped her books and yelled "Hoeeeeeeeeee!!!"

Kero thrust his finger in the air and yelled,"Time for Cardcaptor Sakura!"

 Chapter 3: Battle With Garbage

Cardcaptor Sakura
Star Catcher Chapter 3

"Battle with Garbage"

Before she knew it Sakura was dressed in Tomoyo's costume and to where she sensed the aura. The back ally of Dukylon Cafe.

"Where's Li and Meilin?" asked Tomoyo.

"They'll be here soon." replied Sakura.

Then all of a sudden they hear "Phew this place stinks!" It was Meilin and Li.

"Kid and Brat what a pleasant surprise." said Kero sarcastically.

"Sakura where are you sensing the aura?" asked Li

"Right over here."

Sakura pointed to a large garbage bin. Li dashed over and pulled out an ofuda (a card that you can summon the elements with.)

He yelled "Forces of earth come to my aid!"

Giant spikes flew out of the ground and hit the garbage bin. Then the garbage bin started to glow. A burst of light and then--- a scream it was Tomoyo.