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Welcome to Little Miss Kinomoto!

Welcome to Little Miss Kinomoto– a growing fansite dedicated to the lovely CLAMP series known as Cardcaptor Sakura. Currently, this website has over 250 pages containing information, images, and fun activities. Please note that mostly everything on this site is organized alphabetically. Also, some pages are currently under construction; however, do not let that discourage you because there are plenty of other things to do! That being said, I am your webmistress, Kelly. Please feel free to browse around, enjoy your stay, and email me some suggestions. And remember, if you like what you see here, come back and visit when you have the time! ^_^

Little Miss Kinomoto on Facebook!!



Added all fortunes for 2021 and 2022.



Added the Mexican Manga section to the International page.



Updated the Kodansha links on the Bilingual page. Edited some dates on the CLAMP page. Fixed the image of Omnibus Volume 4's back cover.



Added Volume 11, Volume 12, and their Special Editions to the Clear Card Arc page.



Added one magazine to the Neo Magazine section and updated one cover of Nakayoshi on the Magazines page.



Added the Comptiq Magazine section to the Magazines page. I also updated one cover of AX Magazine.



Added the Neo Magazine section to the Magazines page.



Congratulations to Kam for winning LMK Picture Guessing Round 6! And, thanks to Hannah for contributing to the CCSTMW page! Added Volume 10 to the Clear Card Arc page.



Added 1 look-alike for Fujitaka on the Look-Alikes page.



Added 1 look-alike for Sonomi on the Look-Alikes page.



Added 1 look-alike for Tomoyo on the Look-Alikes page.



I added 1 fanart to the site today. Thanks for submitting your work, MomoDaisuki! And sorry about the delay! >_<



Congratulations to Hannah for winning Picture Guessing Round 6! Thanks to Kristel for submitting a fortune to the site! And a big thank you to Michael for leaving me such a nice message in the Guestbook!



Thanks to Justine for submitting a fortune to the site!



Congratulations to Rodroid for winning Picture Guessing Round 6! Thanks to Roxanne, JEM, Katharina, and Krystine for submitting a fortune to the site!



Added the Ruby Moon section to the Look-Alikes page.



Added 2 covers of Nakayoshi Magazine to the Magazines page. Added tooltips for the 4 Cardcaptor Sakura novels on the Other Books page.



Added Tenkai Tachibana to the Name Twists page and moved Madoushi from the main section to the Minor Characters section.



Added a note to the Minor Characters section on the Name Twists page.



Added LaserDisc Volume 14 (I finally found it!!) to the LaserDiscs page. I also updated the pictures for volumes 15-18 and boxsets 1-4. Added 4 Cardcaptor Sakura novels to the Other Books page.



Updated the front and back covers of Sakura's Oshaberi Talk CD on the CDs page. I also updated the pictures of LaserDiscs 1-13. (#10 was actually missing, so that one was added to the page!) I'm so happy that I finally found some decent scans of the LDs!



Added the Minor Characters section to the Name Twists page. The school nurse (Madoka) and Fujitaka's assistants (Keiko, Katsuya, and Kouichi) from Episode 22 were added to this section. Akane, Rei, Yoko, and Yuuki were moved to this section from the main section.



Added Volume 9 to the Clear Card Arc page.



Added 1 coloring book and updated 2 mini coloring books on the Other Books page.



Changed "Sakura and the Incantation Cards" to "Sakura and the Enchanted Cards" on the Episode List page. I also changed "Sakura's Totally Dark Literary Fest" to "Sakura and the Blacked Out School Arts Festival" and "Sakura and the Panic Bicycle" to "Sakura and the Panicky Bicycle." Additionally, the misspelling of "trap" in "Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Ball Trap" was corrected. (It mistakenly said "trip.") All of this was also changed on any associated Key Places pages.

Updated the description of the Transformed Star Wand and Eriol's Key on the Magical Items page. I also added Ms. Mizuki's name to the introduction paragraph.

Edited the note at the bottom of the Costumes page. Tweaked the tooltips for some of Sakura and Syaoran's costumes featured in Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card.

Updated the description on the Seijou High School page, added a note, and tweaked 1 tooltip.

Went around the site and changed the order of Wei's name. According to sketches of him in a pamplet/book from CCS: The Sealed Card, Wei is actually his last name and Wang is his first name.

Removed 3 sketches of Meilin from the sketches page. Those sketches are official, but they aren't from the settei books, so they don't really fit the theme of the page. I should have done this a long time ago, but I never really got around to it.



Added Madoka Koide to the Glossary page. She is the school nurse at Tomoeda Elementary. Put Ms. Mizuki's name in italics on the Clow Card Guide page.



Corrected another error on the Star Card Guide page. The page stated that the Mirror Card was transformed in Episode 61. While the card was used in that episode, it was already a Star Card when Sakura went to use it! So, the card was actually never shown being transformed during the show.

Added Su Yung to the Glossary page and Name Twists page. Added another blooper from Epiosde 58 and two bloopers from Episode 55. Added a page about Sakura's Star Wand in Episode 55. Fixed a few episode name errors on the Episodes DVDs page.



Updated official ARIKA links on the Animetic Story Game page, Clow Card Magic page, and Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura: Eternal Heart page. Fixed inconsistencies around the site regarding the song "Ashita e no Melody." (There were multiple spellings.)



Thanks to Cedrick for submitting a fortune!



Updated 18 sketches and 2 thumbnails of Sakura's everyday clothing. Moved Sakura's Prince Costume to the Everyday Clothing section as it is not a battle costume. I also removed the Kimono Costume from the Battle Costume section as it technically isn't a battle costume according to the Japanese version of the show, and it was already in the Everyday Clothing section. (It was mistakenly on the page twice.)



Added CCS, CC, and ISBN to the Glossary page. For the past couple of days, I have been doing some things behind the scenes. I mostly added block quote tags to the manga book pages and dvd pages as well as abbreviations on various pages of the site.



Tweaked the tool tips on the Costumes page. Added Yuuki Tachibana, Kawata Taeko, Alex Mills, Chantal Strand, Yoko Nakagawa, Vicky, Akane, Anika, Rei Tachibana, Jessie Happleton, Saeki Tomo, and Reedington Elementary to the Glossary page.



Added pages for Saeki Tomo (the voice of Yukie Kimura) and Kawata Taeko (the voice of Yuuki Tachibana).



Added Yukie Kimura and Yuuki Tachibana to the Voice Actors page.



Updated pictures for Onosaka Masaya, Tanaka Hideyuki, Touma Yumi, and Sakamoto Ma'aya.



Renamed files on the School Uniforms page and reorganized the pictures. The Tomoeda Chorus Uniform was added to the page! I also added sketches for the Camping Uniform, Chorus Uniform, and 1 sketch of Sakura in her Summer Uniform.



Fixed the proportions of the sketches on the Pink Bunny Costume, Yellow Battle Dress, Musical Costume, and Alice in Wonderland Costume pages. Corrected an error on the Star Card Guide page. Sakura transformed the Sleep Card in Episode 56, not 57 as previously stated.




Updates to the Glossary page today. Changed Seijou High to Seijou High School and added a sentence about its alternate spelling. Added Towa University. Updated information about CLAMP members and added their aliases.



Added 2 fortunes. Thanks Julie and AJ! Tweaked an anniversary button on the Link Me page.



Added 2 submissions to the Fortune Telling 2020 page. Thanks Chris and Kirstan! ^_^



Updated a sketch of Tomoyo, Kero, Clow Card Detail 1, Clow Card Detail 2, and the candle from Episode 17.



Added 8 sketches and updated 10 sketches on the Sketches of Clow Cards page.



Updated 13 and added 13 sketches to the Sketches of Clow Cards page. Also, updated 2 thumbnails on the page.



Updated 9 and added 7 sketches to the Sketches of Clow Cards page.



Added 3 sketches of Rei. Fixed an error on a group sketch. I mistakenly referred to the Sleeping Beauty Fairies as "Cinderella" Fairies. Whoops! ^^;; And, it's been like that for a long time, too... Updated 8 and added 23 sketches to the Sketches of Clow Cards page.



Added Akane, Masaki, and the School Nurse sections to the Other Characters page. Took the Clow Cards section off of the Places & Items page and gave them their own page!



Updated 1 sketch of Clow Reed, added 2 sketches of Nakuru, added 1 sketch of Naoko, added 1 sketch of Rika, added 1 sketch of Ruby Moon, added 1 sketch of Sonomi and Tomoyo, updated 6 sketches of Sakura, updated 1 sketch of the Moon Bell, added 1 sketch of Yukie. There are so many sketches that I had to take some of the characters off of the Other Characters page and add them to a new page called Sketches of Magical Characters!



Added 3 sketches and updated 1 sketch of Meilin, added 2 sketches and updated 1 sketch of Syaoran, added 5 sketches and updated 2 sketches of Tomoyo, updated 1 group sketch, added 1 sketch of Chiharu and Yamazaki, added 3 sketches of Touya, added 2 sketches of Yukito, updated 1 and added 1 sketch of Kaho, added 2 sketches of Sonomi, added 1 sketch of Eriol, added 1 sketch of Sakura.



Added 6 Sketches of Yue to the Sketches of Other Characters page. Added 10, updated 2, and changed 1 sketch on the Sketches of Sakura page.



Added 4 Sketches of Sakura to the Sketches of Sakura page.



Added 6 Sketches of Cerberus to the Sketches of Other Characters page.



Added 1 PNG to the PNGs page. Changed the image on the Hitorijime page.



Added Okashi no Uta to the Lyrics page.



Updated 1 image on the Tsukimine Shrine page. Added Kureyuku Hitotose to the Lyrics page.



Added information to the Okashi no Uta CD on the CDs page.



Added information to ALL tool tips on the Anime Comics page. Added information to some tool tips on the Other Books page and Art Books page.



Added Super Duper Love Love Days to the Lyrics page.



Updated 1 image on the Touya's Jobs page. Added Hitotsu Dake and Anata to Ireba to the Lyrics page.



Added 1 PNG. Added 3 Sakura adoptables. Added 1 new affiliate. Please give a warm welcome to A Glimpsed Horizon! Fixed 2 PNGs. Added Blue as the Sky to the Lyrics page in the new section entitled "Other Songs."



Added 2 Sonomi blinkies.



Added 2 Nadeshiko, 3 Masaki, and 3 Spinel Sun blinkies.



It is with a sad heart that I move Michael's Cardcaptors into the Closed Section on the Affiliates page today. Any true Cardcaptor fan knows about Michael's website and how amazing it was. It was on the web for almost 20 years, so I never thought it would close! Thank you for giving all of us a wonderful childhood memory, Michael. I am so happy that we were able to be affiliates for all of those years!



Added 2 Magazines to the Nakayoshi section on the Magazines page. Added 2 Tomoyo and 1 Syaoran adoptable.



Added Volume 8 and Volume 8 Special Edition to the Clear Card Arc page.



Added the Fortune Telling 2020 page to the site! Thanks for your submissions, Kelvin, Lloyd, and Vicky! ^_^



Added 3 fortunes to the Fortune Telling 2019 page. Thanks for the submissions, everyone! ^_^ I also fixed the Wisteria Flower image on the Flora and Fauna page. Sorry about that! ^^;; Updated the Credits page. Thanks for helping me with Yue's incantations, Hamuchi! And thanks for all of the fanart, Victoria! ^o^



I forgot about POTM again… and I was doing so well, too! T_T As of right now, the one for October is up because I made it a couple of months ago. Now I need to make one for November and December! Hopefully I can get it done today!! >_<

Edit: I did it! ^o^



Another fanart from Victoria was added to the site! It's Syaoran this time! :)



Another fanart from Victoria was added to the site!



A big thanks to Victoria for submitting one fanart to the site! ^_^


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