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 Little Miss Kinomoto @

Little Miss Kinomoto V.1 Stand Out
Date: August 04 – September 04
This was Little Miss Kinomoto's first layout! I made it orange because I haven't seen too many oranges layouts. The banner at the top is an image blend. It has three pictures of Sakura and some friends too. The coding is in tables. The navigation table is on the left side. The content table is to the right. I called it V.1 Stand Out because Sakura stands out from the crowd. I mean come on, being Cardcaptor, that totally stands out from everyone else!
Little Miss Kinomoto V.1 Stand Out
Little Miss Kinomoto V.2 Halloween is Here
Date: October 04 – November 04
This was version two of Little Miss Kinomoto. This layout is a wallpaper. A picture of Sakura sitting on a heart is to the left of the navigation and content. I made some parts of the wallpaper with less opacity so that the nagivation and content can be seen. The navigation is above the content. I made this version during October; therefore, it is Halloween themed. ^_^ If I remember correctly, the font was called "Swamp Monster."
Little Miss Kinomoto V.2 Halloween is Here
Little Miss Kinomoto V.3 Happy Holidays
Date: December 04 – January 05
This version of Little Miss Kinomoto was made especially for Christmas! In this layout, I made an image blend of CCS Christmas pictures. After creating the image blend I tinted the blend green, selected the last horizontal row of pixels, and dragged them downward to make the background of the content section. Then I added a candy cane font. The navigation is on both sides of the layout with the content section between them.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.3 Happy Holidays
Little Miss Kinomoto V.4 Candy Clouds
Date: February 05
This layout is similar to the Halloween is Here version. It is a wallpaper featuring Sakura and Tomoyo. It's pink and crystallized! It was made with div layers. The content is on the left side, and the navigation is the small pink boxes located near the top. When you clicked the boxes, it took you to the navigation menu of your choice. The coding was kind of difficult because I made the div style direction right to left instead of left to right. It is due to this reason that I had to put a million <p> tags on every page!
Little Miss Kinomoto V.4 Candy Clouds
Little Miss Kinomoto V.5 Moonlit Eyes
Date: March 05
This layout is purple and features Yue lying upon the water. The background consists of clouded purple tiles. There are two navigation tables on each side with the content table in the middle. The content table has a transparent scrollbar; however, the edges of the scrollbar can be seen! The font color used was black, and the link color used was purple. Overall, I was very pleased at how much my layouts improved while being hosted at Geocities. It was after this layout that LMK began hosting with Krunchsoftware.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.5 Moonlit Eyes

 Little Miss Kinomoto @

Date: April 05
This layout was green and it featured Sakura and Syaoran from Tsubasa. They were reaching out for each other. It was very foresty looking and was a table/div layer layout. I only have the banner for this layout. Sorry. =(
Little Miss Kinomoto V.1
Little Miss Kinomoto V.2
Date: May 05
Another pink layout. This layout features Sakura and Syaoran dancing with each other from Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card. It also has butterflies and swirls in it. The navigation is under the banner and above the content– they are clickable text pictures that take you to the links under the section clicked. I also forgot to record this one, but I managed to piece it back together. ^^;;
Little Miss Kinomoto V.2
Little Miss Kinomoto V.3 Fruits Candy
Date: June 05 – July 05
This is LMK's first blue layout. It features Tomoyo and Sakura from the third theme song ending "Fruits Candy." (Kero is in it too– with cake. ^_^) The words "Little Miss Kinomoto" were written in Porky's font and for the first time had a cast shadow! The navigation is on the left side and the content is on the right. Although the main color of the layout is blue the color scheme for the text and links is black and white. Megan made me buttons for this layout, thanks Megan!
Little Miss Kinomoto V.3 Fruits Candy
Little Miss Kinomoto V.4 Happy Birthday LMK
Date: August 05 – September 05
In a way, this layout was based off of the previous version in the sense that it contained the same style headers and font/link color scheme. Although, this layout was multi-colored and featured colors such as yellow, orange, and brown. It was intentionally put up for LMK's 1st Birthday! The navigation was on both the left and right sides of the layout displaying the content in the center.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.4 Happy Birthday LMK
Little Miss Kinomoto V.5 Friends Forever
Date: October 05 – Mid December 05
LMK's first red layout as well as the third image blend layout. It had many images that featured Sakura and Tomoyo together because the layout was named "V.5 Friends Forever." The inspiration for the entirely centered layout came from one of the contest entries from LMK's First Anniversary Contest. The headers were still black and white, but the links were red instead.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.5 Friends Forever
Little Miss Kinomoto V.6 Winter Frost
Date: Mid December 05 – February 06
A frosty light-blue layout. It features Syaoran and Sakura at Christmas time. I sort of rushed when making this layout because I wanted to put it up before I left for Florida in December. I actually pieced this one back together because I forgot to record it... I don't remember which fonts I used, so it's a little bit different from the original layout... but it basically looked like this! =D
Little Miss Kinomoto V.6 Winter Frost
Little Miss Kinomoto V.7 Golden Gal
Date: March 06 – May 06
A bright warm yellow layout. It features Sakura with background effects such as swirls, fireworks, spray paint, hearts, and cross-hatching. It's pretty neat, huh? As far as the layout is concerned, the navigation menus are on the sides and the content section is in the center. This is the first time that the tables contain a background design– yellow and white checkers. Once again the font color is black, but the links are yellow.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.7 Golden Gal
Little Miss Kinomoto V.8 Thunder Cat
Date: June 06 – Mid July 06
A pinkish purplish layout. Because it features Sakura in her kitty outfit, I tried to make it look as lightning-y and thunder-ish as I could. =^_^= I consider this one of LMK's more experimental layouts because I used a lot of transparent gifs to make it look rigid and digital. This layout reverts back to the overflow style. It has one navigation menu on the left-hand side featuring really cute headers with Sakura and Syaoran's faces on them, and the content section is located to the right.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.8 Thunder Cat
-oO0+Little Miss Kinomoto V.9+0Oo-
Date: Mid July 06 – Late October 06
A pink and purple layout featuring an anime picture of Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie with an image blend of manga pictures in the background. The navigation is located on the left-hand side and the content section is to the right of it. This layout has pink and white gradient tables with a charcoal colored background. The links are purple and feature pink bullets in front of them.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.9
<<<^^>>>Little Miss Kinomoto V.10 Happy Halloween<<<^^^>>>
Date: Late October 06 – Late April 07
Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, this is one of my favorite layouts! In order to make the layout more festive, I changed some of the colors in the two main images. The tables in this layout have custom headers featuring little pumpkins that I made in Photoshop and the background is black with spooky looking tree branches. Rather than have a standard square bullet in front of the links, I instead chose to make little tombstones to go with the theme.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.10 Happy Halloween
// /// //// Little Miss Kinomoto V.11 Very Beary Blue //// /// //
Date: Late April 07 – Mid January 08
This is LMK's third blue layout. It features Sakura in a pretty blue dress holding a teddy bear. I decided to keep the background design the same as it was in the original picture because I thought that the blue gingham pattern was so cute. It was actually my inspiration to make this layout. The main font used was Century Gothic which is one of my favorites because it is so bubbly. The navigation and content sections are set to auto overflow and the headers are underlined with dashes.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.11 Very Beary Blue

 Little Miss Kinomoto @

Little Miss Kinomoto V.12 Photoshop_Honey.jpg @ 100% (RGB/8)
Date: Mid January 08 – Early October 08
The inspiration for this layout came from seeing a really cool wallpaper that used this image of Sakura. After seeing that wallpaper, I was determined to try and make my own spectacular creation using this image. However, I found it quite difficult due to the fact that there is so little image to work with. I thought that the layout looked great in Photoshop, but I didn't know how to make it look that way outside of Photoshop. So... I decided to leave it the way it was– in Photoshop! I really love the color palette of this layout. It is so fun and inviting. Don't you think?
Little Miss Kinomoto V.12 Photoshop Honey
» » » Little Miss Kinomoto V.13 Fun with Friends « « «
Date: Early October 08 – Mid August 09
This was LMK's first layout to use image maps! I was so proud of myself when this layout was done. I used a lot of Photoshop features for this layout such as the custom shape tool, drop shadows, embossing, and pattern overlays. The navigation is found to the left by clicking the bubbles near each character and the content is found in the box to the right.
Little Miss Kinomoto V.13 Fun with Friends
Little Miss Kinomoto [V.14] // ARIGATOU //
Date: Mid August 09 – Late April 12
I decided to make this layout for LMK red because I hadn't put up a red layout in a very long time. This layout features one of my favorite manga pictures of Sakura and Syaoran. The background of this layout features elegant flowers, and the background of the tables contains a garden fence pattern that I created myself. I also created the cute little buttons on the navigation that are modeled after Sakura's tie and skirt. ^-^
Little Miss Kinomoto V.14 Arigatou

 Little Miss Kinomoto @

Little Miss Kinomoto V.15 Tsuyu Showers
Date: Late April 12 – Late September 17
I really like the color scheme of this layout! That's probably because most of the time, my layouts only end up having two main colors, but this one has three! And, it works! :D I made the background and navigation background all by myself without outsourcing. (Yay!) And the only reason I ended up changing the layout was because 5 years just seemed too long! ^^;;
Little Miss Kinomoto V.15 Tsuyu Showers


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